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Actions speak louder than words

MultiFlexx International; a sharp eye for risks

Through economic growth, open borders and the ageing population, internationalisation of labour is a fact. There are different rules everywhere, even within the EU. It is crucially important that you use flexible workers from abroad according to the latest regulations and apply permit requirements. And that you follow the rules abroad if you hire flexible workers for a project there. 

We provide advice on flexible staffing for projects within and outside Europe. And on the use of international employees in the Netherlands.We are a recognised sponsor for highly skilled migrants and we provide advice on lawful implementation, including in accordance with the Terms of Employment for Posted Workers in the EU Act (WagwEU). Experience shows that following the rules and requirements is not carried out properly. The cause is the complex and continuously changing regulations in the field of taxation and labour legislation. The Tax Administration, the Inspectorate SZW and the Immigration and Naturalisation Service work overtime and you run high financial risks in the event of an inspection. By outsourcing the administrative handling of international flexible staffing to us, you are safeguarded against all these risks. We can also manage your international employees’ files. 

These files will then all be drawn up in accordance with all legal requirements (such as permits, wage calculations and employer contributions). We ensure that international flexible workers only start once we have all the documents that inspection authorities want to see. With our automated controls, we provide notice in good time if a permit is running out, for example. And the Tax Administration can request all the necessary information from us directly. Of course, we provide the cheapest solution, adapted to your situation.


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