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Actions speak louder than words

Digital yardstick for legal requirements

With our FlexAudit® , all workers will be measured against a digital yardstick and investigated to ensure they meet all legal requirements. This could relate to (Dutch and international) temporary employees, seconded employees and self-employed workers without employees. The FlexAudit® allows you to check whether the legal wage requirements and the Working Hours Act are met, for example, but also whether a temporary employee has supplied all the paperwork necessary for the legally required administration.

We create a file per client and check for each worker that everything is in order. So the work is customised for each client. In this way, you have the security that all workers are working in the right way. During a check by a government inspectorate, it is clear that things are handled correctly in one click of a mouse. Use of the FlexAudit® saves every client a lot of time and costs. Of course we will continue to adjust the FlexAudit® to the changing regulations. During the development, our audit was tested with the inspection authorities. We will continue to do this periodically.

If you would like to know how the FlexAudit® could represent a valuable addition for your business, please contact us.