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Actions speak louder than words
  • Get down to work worry free, thanks to lawful staffing

    Get down to work worry free, thanks to lawful staffing

    We set up the process for you in such a way that you don't have to lie awake at night worrying about sequential liability and European procurement rules. Or unlawful implementation of your flexible workers.

  • Prefinancing of flexible labour

    Prefinancing of flexible labour

    Payment of wages and/or invoices within ten days. This way, you prevent dissatisfaction on the work floor and discontentment about late payments.

  • Save costs on flexible labour

    Save costs on flexible labour

    By optimising the whole process around flexible labour, you save time and costs.
    Per hour worked, you will immediately see the saving in a lower invoice amount.

  • Insight into your flexible team

    Insight into your flexible team

    Convenience is key, but you rightly want to maintain an overview and control over all your flexible staff. This works perfectly with the MultiFlexx management report.

From flexible workers to flexible capacity

Does your organisation use flexible workers? Does the organisation of this take more time and energy than you would like? Then we can help you.

MultiFlexx is specialised in the organisation and management of the total hiring process. With our involvement, you save on your costs for all your flexible labour. And you gain control and an overview of hiring. You can continue to focus on your core tasks and do what you're good at. That is exactly what we do too.

MultiFlexx was the first Managed Service Provider for flexible labour in the Netherlands. We provide advice and manage the whole process around hiring of temporary workers, seconded employees, self-employed workers without employees, individuals paid through an IB-47 form, volunteers and interns. And carry this out for you faultlessly, tailored to your organisation and your requirements. Thanks to our knowledge and experience, in combination with customisation, your flexible staffing will provide optimum returns.

Saving without risks

We achieve significant savings with no costs for companies or organisations with a high number of flexible workers. This saving is guaranteed from the first day. Our concepts have no impact on your existing processes. You can simply continue to do business with your trusted providers of expert staff. With the necessary information, we do your work. With our flexible management and control, our customers in the public and private sector save between 3 and 16% of the total costs of flexible labour. The following applies here: the larger the volume, the greater the saving. Through our experience and specific programmes, you not only save but also reduce legal risks.

Peace on the work floor

MultiFlexx can also (pre)finance the entire use of your flexible labour. All your flexible workers and/or suppliers will receive their wages within one week or will have their invoice paid within ten days. This way, you have peace on the work floor and no discontentment about late payments. Your flexible workers can focus fully on their work and are happy to work for your organisation. This also results in the possibility for budget financing. This financing is applicable to any flexible form within your organisation and can be carried out after a positive credit check.