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Actions speak louder than words

Legal advice tailored to your situation

The implementation of flexible workers requires specific legal knowledge. Procuring labour requires a different contract form and invoicing to offering work. Flexible workers also fall under the collective labour agreement. In the healthcare sector, there are also legal rules for the competence and ability of staff. These are just a handful of all the legal implications of flexible implementation of staff.

Our labour law lawyers will provide you with concrete legal advice, tailored to your situation. We can evaluate your contracts, for example and advise you on how to draw these up lawfully. We will also inform you proactively about changes to legislation and collective labour agreements. We can also analyse your flexible workforce from a legal perspective and give you tips on managing their implementation correctly and lawfully, including a checklist for your files. 

The regulations and laws in the field of flexible use of staff change continuously. We will provide you with advice on the basis of the latest laws and regulations in your sector. With our digital applications, we can detect where action is required for you in good time.