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Actions speak louder than words

MultiFlexx was established in 1994 by an enthusiastic group of people with a functional dissatisfaction about the VAT issue. We thought it was wrong that organisations who were exempt from VAT paid 19% more for hiring flexible workers than their colleagues who were subject to VAT. So we came up with new concepts and new ways of working. 

With our years of experience, we have an exceptionally large network in the profit and non-profit sectors. We know the temporary employment market better than anyone else. We work continuously to perfect everything around processing of agency hire and our back office. Coming up with customised solutions every time makes our customers happy and keeps our work exciting.

We pay ourselves from the savings achieved and guaranteed. MultiFlexx develops continuously and is always working to achieve new savings for you. The profit for our customers is not a one-off. Our way of working results in long-term results. That’s why our customer relationships are sustainable and stable. We are proud of this.