Actions speak louder than words

Our history


1994 : Established

MultiFlexx is established in 1994 by an enthusiastic group of people with a functional dissatisfaction in terms of the VAT issue. We therefore came up with new concepts and ways of working.

Gross-net remuneration

1995 : Gross-net remuneration

We are the first party in the market to work with a ‘gross-net’ remuneration for temporary employees.


1995 : Payroll

Performance of payrolling avant la lettre.

Pensions for flexible workers

1995 : Pensions for flexible workers

MultiFlexx introduces pensions for flexible workers, before the founding of the Personnel Agency Pension Fund Foundation (Stichting Pensioenfonds voor Personeelsdiensten - STiPP) in 1999.


2006 : Relocation

Relocation from the Van Blommesteynweg to the Kleinpolderplein. Of course, we remain in Rotterdam.

Relocation to Westblaak

2010 : Relocation to Westblaak

Our current location, which is easy to reach, directly adjacent to the Beurs metro station.

​Managed Service Provider

2011 : ​Managed Service Provider

We are the first Managed Service Provider for flexible labour in the Dutch market.

Self-employed workers without employees

2011 : Self-employed workers without employees

We are the first in the market to organise the use of self-employed workers without employees.

Self-employed workers without employees intermediary

2014 + 2015 : Self-employed workers without employees intermediary

Third and second place in the ‘Self-employed workers without employees intermediary of the year’ vote.


2017 : Renovation

Our office on the Westblaak is fully refurbished and renovated.

Winner of CSR Goldbatch EcoVadis

2017 + 2018 + 2019 + 2020 + 2021 : Winner of CSR Goldbatch EcoVadis

EcoVadis awards the CSR Goldbatch (top 5% performers) to MultiFlexx for its socially responsible way of working. EcoVadis is a sustainability rating platform for worldwide supply chains.