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Actions speak louder than words

For all types of employees

Payrolling means that you outsource the wage administration and role of employer. We provide advice on lawful implementation of the phase system and successive employership. We are responsible for labour-law risks and the costs of individuals reporting sick. Your candidate will receive an employment contract from us but will continue to work exclusively for your organisation. The terms of employment package will be drawn up in close consultation with you, in accordance with the correct collective labour agreement and legal requirements. 

MultiFlexx also handles the wage administration, the payment of employer premiums and social contributions, reservation and payment of holiday pay and pension, administration surrounding sickness and punctual and correct payment of the salary. Our payrolling is suitable for any organisation. Procedurally, we can process all types of flexible workers for you. The unique cost price and low overhead costs result in savings for all our partners. Payrolling is suitable for temporary employees, seconded employees, holiday workers, freelancers, specialists in paid employment and international flexible workers.